Nicaragua is known as the “land of lakes and volcanoes”! It is a beautiful country located in the heart of Central America. Did you know that Nicaragua is considered one of the safest and most hospitable countries in Latin America? Its easy to enter with no travel visa required for citizens of North America, Europe, and many other countries.

Granada itself is considered to be among the most beautiful cities in Nicaragua, with much of its colonial architecture preserved or restored.


The Nicaragua Mia Spanish School is developed and administered by Nicaraguan instructors with many years of experience in teaching Spanish.

All the teachers are native speakers of Spanish, and highly trained in every level of Spanish learning (from the most basic level to the advanced Spanish learner) in order to attend to the needs of every student.


Nicaragua Mia Spanish School is open from 8 am until 5 pm every day of the year, including weekends and holidays, offering classes,tours, homestays with a family, transportation and activities.

We offer the following:

One on one intensive course: This Program is dynamic and interactive. It includes highly-experienced and enthusiastic teachers. Classes for all the levels of learning and a total immersion in Spanish with customized classes.


Unlike other Spanish programs, the Nicaragua Mia Spanish School is a project directed at helping different sectors of Nicaraguan society, not just one specific group of people. Of course the teachers benefit, since they can continue their university studies and still represent an economic help to their families; but the school also helps about 12 families in Granada where students can participate in the home stay program. In the same manner we help the transport sector (taxis, busses, boats, private cars) by using their services for our activities both locally and outside of Granada.


“Escuela Nicaragua Mia en Laguna de Apoyo”

Experiencing Laguna de Apoyo rular life and helping local people!

Improve your Spanish with us!

General info

Nicaragua Mia is opening a new school location on the beautiful Apoyo Lagoon! The Apoyo Lagoon was declared a nature reserve in 1991.

Laguna de Apoyo is a great place to rest, relax, swim, kayak and enjoying Spanish Lessons!